The Commission of Complaints and Sanctions concluded the review of election complaint no.39, with object “Appeal to the Decision no.343, dated 04.05.2021 “On adoption of the Aggregate Table of Results for the election zone Tirana Region”, Invalidity of elections held on April 25,2021, Ordering the election rerun for Tirana Region|, filed by the complainant Democratic Party- Alliance for Change coalition, the election complaint no. 51, with object “Appeal to Decision no 343, dated 04.05.2021 of the SEC and declaring the invalidity of election in Tirana Region  election zone”, filed by the complainant Mr. Boiken Abazi, a candidate supported by the voters.

 At the end of review, CSC decided to reject the complaints.

In addition, CSC started the review of election complaints for election zones of Elbasan, Korce, Fieri Region. Upon the request of two members of the CSC, it will be administered as evidence the cross- checked data from PEI devices. 

On Friday, on May 28, 2021, CSC will hold a public session to review the election complaint no.53, filed by the candidate proposed by the voters, Mr. Iljaz Shehu, for the election zone of Lezha Region.