Every Albanian citizen eligible to vote shall ensure that his / her name is registered in the final voter list and is informed about the location of the polling center.

On election day, the voter may come himself / herself at his / her voting center with the identification document (ID or biometric passport).

Voter’s identity is verified by Voting Center Commission.

Voting Center Commission provides to the voter the ballot paper.

Voter enters alone the secret room.

Voter checks next to the name of the electoral subject and / or the preferred candidate of the electoral subject.

Voter uses the “x” or “+” sign or another sign that clearly indicates the choice made by him/her.

The ballot paper is fold so that the mark is not visible, but at least one of the stamps on the back of the ballot paper is visible.

The voting ends once the ballot is cast in the ballot box and the voter walks out of the polling center is left.

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