CSC rejects complaints and leaves in force SEC Decisions.

07/07/2021 | News

The Commission of Complaints and Sanctions reviewed the complaints no. 57, with object “Appeal to Decision no. 420, dated 29.06.2021of the State Election Commissioner, “On review of the report on violations, pursuant to Decision no. 09, dated 24.12.2020 of the Regulatory Commission in the CEC against “Albpetrol SH.A” filed by the complainant Mr. Andi Derhemi and complaint no. 58 with object “Appeal to Decision no.422, dated 02.07.2021 of the SEC, “On review of in depth verification of General Prosecutor’s Office for the self- declaratory subject Mr. Qerim Ismailaj, Mayor of Mallakaster Municipality, Fieri Region”, filed by Democratic Party of Albania.

At the end of administrative review, with a majority of votes, CSC decided to reject the complaints and leave in force State Election Commissioner Decisions.

NewsCSC rejects complaints and leaves in force SEC Decisions.