The Electoral Code stipulates that electoral subject is:

  1. a politival party
  2. a coalition of political parties
  3. an Albanian citizen with the right to vote, who is nominated as a candidate for deputy
    or for local government bodies by a group of electors.

Each political party must submit to CEC an application to register as an electoral subject no later than 70 days before the election date, supplemented by the documentation specified in Article 64 of the Electoral Code.

Two or more political parties registered as electoral subjects at the CEC, as defined in Article 65 of the Electoral Code, can be registered as an election coalition, no later than 60 days before the election date.

The political party or coalition shall submit to CEC the multi-member list of its candidates for each constituency (election zone) no later than 50 days before the election date.

Candidates for Parliamentary General Elections or local government bodies, proposed by political parties, which do not hold any mandate in Parliament or local government bodies:

  • In General Parliamentary Elections candidates are supported by not less than 5,000 voters or in the case of coalitions by not less than 7,000 voters nationwide.
  • In local government elections candidates are supported by not less than 1 percent of the voters of that unit, and in any case by not less than 50 voters.

In order for a candidate to be represented by the voters, an initiating committee is created, with no less than 9 voters in the respective election zone, who coordinates the work for the collection of signatures in support of the candidate. 

The initiating committee is registered with the CEC no later than 70 days before the election date.

The initiating committee might register a candidate no later than 50 days before elections if he has received support from no less than one per cent of the voters in the  voters list of the respective zone, but in any case, not more than 3,000 voters.