Referendum is the direct exercise of people ‘s sovereignty, through voting, for a specific issue or law.

The referendum can be required by:

  1. The people, through 50 thousand citizens eligible to vote on the annulment of a law and request from the  President of the Republic to hold a referendum for a matter of a special importance;
  2. The assembly, upon the proposal of no less than one fifth of the deputies, or  the proposal of the Council of Ministers , can decide that one issue or a bill of special importance can be proposed in a referendum;

The Constitutional Court reviews the constitutionality of the issues proposed in a referendum.

The referendum date is decreed by the President of the Republic within 45 days from the proclamation of the decision or after the deadline within which the Constitutional Court should reach a decision.

The alternative which won the majority of valid votes shall be considered the winning alternative, but nonetheless no less than one third of the voters registered in the Voters’list.

During the year, the referenda can be held in only one day.

The referendum is held pursuant to articles 108, item 4, 150, 152 and 177 of the Constitution and the provisions of the Electoral Code ( law no.9087, dated 19.06.2003).