Announcement on calling the meeting of CSC on 11.02.2021

11/02/2021 | Daily Agenda

A complaint was filed to the CEC with the following object: ” Amendment to the Decision no.46, dated 09.02.2021 of the CEC ” On the administrative review of the complaints filed with the CEC,  for violations of provisions of Regulatory Commission Decision no.09, dated 24.12.2020, against Tirana Mayor Mr. Erion Veliaj”.

Based on the Decision no.03 of the Regulatory Commission, dated 6.11.2020 “On the adoption of the regulation on the way of functioning and conducting the sessions of Appeals and Sanctions Commission (ASC) article 12, the Commissioner initiates the ASC meeting and sends an announcement to the members on the date, time and the issues in the agenda, for which the lot is drawn to nominate the rapporteur/rapporteurs.

For this reason, the State Election Commissioner proposed a meeting for drawing of the lots, on 11.02.2021, at 20.00 .

Materials of the meeting:

Daily AgendaAnnouncement on calling the meeting of CSC on 11.02.2021