Public announcement for the Mayor of Vora, Mr. Gentian Picari.

07/04/2021 | Public Announcements

Announcement on the administrative procedure against Mr. Gentian Picari, Mayor of Vora Municipality, for violation of Decision no.140, dated 15.03.2021, of the State Election Commissioner

We would like to inform you that a written complaint has been filed through the letter with prot no. 2798, dated 29.03.2021, by the Socialist Movement for Integration, for failure of Vore Municipality, Mr. Gentian Picari to comply with the Decision No. 140, dated 15.03.2021 of the State Election Commissioner.

Based on this denouncement,  the State Election Commissioner. shall hold on Thursday, on 08.04.2021, at 14.00, the hearing session for failure to comply with the Decision No. 140, dated 15.03.2021 , “On reviewing the denouncement for violations provided in Regulatory Commission Decision no,09, dated 24,12,2020, submitted to the CEC  against the Mayor of Vora Municipality, Mr. Gentian Picari.

Based on article 47 and 87 of the law no.4/2015 “the Code of Administrative Procedures”, you have the right to  be heard by presenting yourself or  represented by a legal representative , on Thursday, on 08.04.2021, at the following address:  Rr. Ibrahim Rugova, nr. 4, Tiranë.

Below the official document sent to Mr. Picari.

Shkresa e dërguar z. Gentian Picari. 

                                                                                               State Election Commissioner


Public AnnouncementsPublic announcement for the Mayor of Vora, Mr. Gentian Picari.