Announcement for the holding of the public session by the State Election Commissioner on 25.04.2023.

24/04/2023 | Daily Agenda

Based on paragraph 2, article 19 and letter ‘n’ of the law no. 10019, dated 29.12.2008 “The Electoral Code of the Republic of Albania”, as amended, based on his competence to review and adopt secondary legislation, the State Election Commissioner decided to hold a public session:

Session day: 24.04.2023, at 12:00

 Order of the day:

1. For the evaluation of the reports of the public activities of some institutions, for the period April 7 – April 13, 2023 and the administrative review of the denunciations with no. 221 ID, 243 ID, 258 ID, 259 ID, 260 ID, 264 ID, 265 ID, 266 ID, 267 ID, 269 ID, 270 ID, 280 ID, 282 ID, 284 ID, 320 ID, of the Coalition for Reforms, Integration and Consolidated Institutions, of denunciations no. 284 ID, 285 ID, 325 ID, of the Center “Civic Center”, related to this monitoring period.
2. Report regarding the denunciations with no. 326 ID and no. 341 of the ID and reports of the monitors against the electoral subject “Socialist Party of Albania”, for the placement of propaganda materials, in the framework of the elections for local government bodies, dated May 14, 2023.
3. “For consideration of the requests of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe, the OSCE-ODIHR Mission, the County of L.A and the CEC of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan, for the observation of the elections for local government bodies on May 14, 2023 “.
4. “For the examination of the result of the verification of the Attorney General for the self-declaring subject Mr. Leonard Veli Beqiri, candidate for deputy proposed by the Socialist Party of Albania, Vlorë District”.
5. “For announcing the result of the lottery for the parties that will propose the third and fourth member of the vote counting groups, in each election administration area”.

Materials of the meeting (alb):

Daily AgendaAnnouncement for the holding of the public session by the State Election Commissioner on 25.04.2023.