Public call for expression of interest as monitor for April 25,2021 elections.

11/02/2021 | Public Announcements

The Central Election Commission, through this announcement, would like to call for expression of interest for monitors in April 25,2021 parliamentary elections.

  • The applicants shall meet the following criteria:
  •  The applicant must have a university degree of level 5 of the Albanian qualifications framework (KShK);
  • The applicant must not be convicted;
  • In the last 2( two) years, the applicant, and his parents, spouse/, partner and adult children should not have been members of any political party.

The applicants must submit, electronically at the CEC official website, at the email address: [email protected]l, or physically at the CEC office, the following documents, within February 16, 2021:

  1. The request to be appointed as monitor, which contains the reason of application, the applicant’s experience and his contacts ;
  2. A university degree of level 1  (bachelor) or professional certificate that proves level 5 of KSHK issued by an accredited higher education institution;
  3. At least one reference from the current or previous employer or teachers of institutions of higher education;
  4.  Copy of ID;
  5. Self-declaration that he is not convicted;;
  6. Self-declaration stating that he has not been sentenced and that the applicant, and his parents, spouse, partner and adult children have not been members of any political party in the last two years;;
  7. Medical report.

At the end of the application process, the Special Commission, established with the decision of the Commissioner,  shortlists the candidates to check if they meet the above criteria.

Within 5 days from the approval of the shortlist, the special Commission conducts interviews in order to assess the communication and social skills of candidates. Within two days, the lot is drawn to appoint the monitors.

Urdhër nr. 89, datë 05.02.2021 “Për miratimin e formularëve tip të vetëdeklarimit për monitoruesit”.

Public AnnouncementsPublic call for expression of interest as monitor for April 25,2021 elections.