Statement of the CEC Spokesperson Mrs.Drilona Hoxhaj (09:30 hrs).

25/04/2021 | News

All the voting centers throughout Albania are open and there have been no problems regarding the presence of commissioners or the election materials needed to conduct the voting process.

Regarding the number of operators that will use the electronic identification device, as it was stated by the State Election Commissioner yesterday, in some voting centers the operators are missing.

These are Voting Centers located in remote areas, where the lack of infrastructure and human resources made it impossible to find operators for the use of PEI.

However, in these Voting Centers, no problems are encountered regarding the conduct of the voting process and providing the voters with the opportunity to express their will through the vote, because the voter’s identification process is done manually, just like in previous elections.

Considering the fact that the process is still ongoing, I would like to inform you that in some voting centers, in 230 Voting Centers out of 5199 total VCs, there were problems in operation of PEI device.

These problems are being addressed by the CEC technicians and measures have been taken so that the voting process continues freely and unobstructed.

The CEC, through its application, (IOs and Android), which can be downloaded free of charge by the citizens, has turned into a communication platform between the CEC and the Commissioners of all levels, which means the information will be reported in real time, not only on voters’ turnout but also on the progress of the process.

The CEC is in constant communication with all CEAZs and VCCs and in case of problems, we try to address them quickly.


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NewsStatement of the CEC Spokesperson Mrs.Drilona Hoxhaj (09:30 hrs).