Election education – CEC meets with representatives of Roma minority in Berat

20/02/2023 | News

The Central Election Commission in cooperation with the British embassy met with representatives of Roma national minority in Berat. The meeting was held in the framework on information, awareness and education of Roma community on local government elections. 

The importance of participation in local government elections of May 14, 2023 were at the focus of their dialogue, in order for their voice to be heard, so that they can exercise their right to vote in a secret and uninfluenced manner.

The CEC representatives emphasized the steps that should be taken before the election day, such as checking the name in the Voters’list, how to vote and legal provisions related to election offences. 

The simulation of the voting process was useful in informing them correctly regarding the voting procedure and the steps to be followed by the voters of this community on election day. 

”  The  Voice of Roma in Albania” and ” Institute of Roma Culture in Albania” are the organizations which are partners of the CEC and the British embassy in Albania in the implementation of this project.

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NewsElection education – CEC meets with representatives of Roma minority in Berat