Local by elections for Mayor of Kukes Municipality – First meeting of the CEAZ on August 25, 2023 

24/08/2023 | News

The State Election Commissioner determined today the monetary value of a valid ballot for local government elections of May 14,2023. The value in money of a valid ballot is 80.47 lek.
In addition, he nominated the members and secretary of CEAZ no.11 Kukes, for the local by elections of September 24,2023. 

The Commissioner decided on the establishment and on the first meeting of the Commission of Election Administration Zone no.11. The first meeting will be held in the CEAZ headquarters , in Kukes administrative unit Kukes, “Hasan Prishtina” Cultural Center, second floor, on 25.08.2023, at 10:00.
The logistic infrastructure of the CEAZ headquarters will be provided by Kukes Municipality. 

During today’s session, the Commissioner approved the accreditation of observers through observer’s electronic platform, for local by elections for Mayor of Kukes Municipality of September 24,2023. 
Observer’s portal is an interactive platform for registration and administration of non partisan observers in elections and it aims to have a much more   efficient and faster process.
 In order to submit the observers’ accreditation request, first you need to be registered as organization. If the organization/institution that files the request,  meets the criteria to be an election observer, it will be given access to the observers’ portal with the credentials, which will be sent to the email stated during the application. 
Once you receive the credentials, you can log in at the portal, where you can submit the requests for accreditation of representative observers.

NewsLocal by elections for Mayor of Kukes Municipality – First meeting of the CEAZ on August 25, 2023