Update on the functioning of “Prohibited activities” interface

11/01/2021 | News

In the interface of Prohibited activities” some 201 public institutions were registered, local and central ones and state entities /agencies.

Through personalized access, the people responsible for the administration of institutions, reported reported 119 activities which are scheduled to be organized by them.

So far 20 activities have been reported. The reports were made by one individual and 2 juridical persons. 

All the reports are being reviewed by the administration of the CEC, who monitors and administers in time all the reported information.

The prohibited activities interface is easily accessible by the public, media and any interested party, who can receive information on the activities reported and prohibited by the CEC.

The public and all the interested parties can denounce/report cases they deem to be in violation of the law.

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NewsUpdate on the functioning of “Prohibited activities” interface