Celibashi – Gajda, joint initiative to prevent hate language in elections.

12/01/2021 | News

The State Election Commissioner Mr. Ilirjan Celibashi received in a meeting the Commissioner for Protection against Discrimination Mr. Robert Gajda.

The scope of the meeting was to discuss regarding common areas of interest for both institutions, giving information regarding the work done so far by the CEC on implementation of technology in elections, voting from abroad of the Albanians whose permanent residence is outside the territory of the Republic of Albania and the concrete steps the CEC will take to facilitate the access of the people with disabilities in the voting process and on election day.

In addition, the meeting focused on compliance with the gender quota and preventing the language of hate by all political actors participating in April 25, 2021 elections.

Commissioner Celibashi informed Mr. Gajda on the progress of the process of implementation of technology in elections and voting from abroad of Albanian citizens living abroad. He guaranteed for the voters with disabilities, that the CEC will include in its educational campaign, just like in the previous campaign, the sign language for the voters with hearing disabilities and the voting centers will be provided with Braille alphabet for the voters who cannot see. 

Both sides agreed on the publication of a recommendation to prevent the language of hate during the election campaign and a common act regarding compliance with the gender quota.  

The CEC administration and the Commissioner for Protection against Discrimination will coordinate their work to finalize this joint initiative. 

NewsCelibashi – Gajda, joint initiative to prevent hate language in elections.