On the occasion of the Global Elections Day, on 4 February 2021, the Central Election Commission (CEC) and the OSCE Presence in Albania organized a series of activities centered around young voters, with an aim to boost their participation in elections.

CEC and the Presence invited young people from across the country to create videos and slogans for the 25 April general elections, and awarded the four winners of the competition at an event hosted by State Commissioner for Elections Ilirjan Celibashi and Head of Presence Vincenzo Del Monaco.

The winners exchanged views with Celibashi and Del Monaco on enhancing youth’s role in democratic processes, on the importance of their participation in elections, and the impact youth can bring in the political life of the country.

The engagement of young people in a contest for the best video, graphics and slogan to celebrate the International Election Day, was a very good opportunity to convey messages for the involvement of young people in election process and participate in the voting”, stated Commissioner Celibashi during the evaluation of young people that participated in the contest. 

“Engaging youth in democratic processes is an important component of the work of the OSCE Presence. Youth should go out on E-Day and vote, be part of the process. You have a strong role in the future of country, make your voice heard”, Del Monaco said in the conversation with the young people.

Celibashi and Del Monaco used the opportunity to urge all voters to check their names in the voter lists and have a valid identification document to be able to vote on 25 April.

 As a side event, the Presence donated to the CEC 700 print copies of the recently amended Electoral Code to help election commissioners in organizing the upcoming elections.

The OSCE Presence remains a strong supporter and partner of the Central Election Commission and all relevant Albanian institutions in their efforts to successfully organize and conduct elections, in line with the domestic legal framework and OSCE commitments.