106 political parties fined, for refusing to make transparent the source of funding.

22/07/2021 | News

For the first time, 106 political parties were fined by 1 million lek for failure to declare the annual financial reports and refusing to disclose the source of financing and not permitting the audit by the licensed accounting experts.

The Decision was taken by the State Election Commissioner during today’s meeting. The focus of the meeting was submission of annual financial reports by political parties for the year 2020. The Commissioner also ordered an administrative sanction of 50,000 lek for four political parties which submitted their annual financial reports beyond the required deadline.

The Commissioner also reviewed and passed the draft Decision “On defining the value in money of a valid ballot for parliamentary elections of April 25, 2021”.

The value of a valid ballot is determined within 10 days from the announcement of the result on a national level, by dividing the overall fund approved by the state budget with the overall number of valid ballots received by political parties running in elections, which received no less than 1 per cent of the ballots on national level.

The value of a ballot for April 25, 2021 parliamentary elections is 85 ( eighty five) lek.

In addition, the draft decision was reviewed “On financial post election financial compensation to be allocated to electoral subjects running in April 25, 2021 parliamentary elections “.

The Commissioner decided that none of the electoral subjects would receive election financial compensation since they failed to receive 1 % cent of the votes on national level.

News106 political parties fined, for refusing to make transparent the source of funding.