The elections of May 14, 2023 – the members are appointed and the headquarters of the CEAZs are established

08/02/2023 | News

Today, the State Election Commissioner appointed the members of the Commissions of Electoral Administration Zones, proposed by the political parties “Partia e Lirise”, “Partia Socialiste e Shqiperise” and “Partia Socialdemokrate e Shqiperise “, for the elections for the local government bodies.

In today’s public session, was approved the request of the Coalition for Reforms, Integration, and Consolidated Institutions for the observation of the elections for the local government bodies, as well as the administrative units where the headquarters of the Electoral Administration Zone Commissions will be established, for the elections of May 14, 2023.

Furthermore, the Commissioner completed the administrative investigation for violations found for the reporting of public activities for the period January 20-January 23, 2023. The Commissioner decided to terminate the administrative proceedings against:

  1. Ministry of Culture
  2. Ministry of Tourism and Environment
  3. Ministry of Justice
  4. National Authority for Electronic Certification and Cyber Security
  5. Audiovisual Media Authority
  6. Agency for the Support of Local Self-Government
  7. General Directorate of Road Transport Services
  8. Prefect of Korça District
  9. Municipality of Librazhd
  10. Lushnjë Municipality
  11. Roskovec Municipality
  12. Tirana Municipality
  13. Cërrik Municipality
  14. Dimal Municipality
  15. Elbasan Municipality

The commissioner decided the administrative sanction against the person responsible for reporting in Durrës municipality and Berat municipality.

In today’s session, the administrative investigation continued for violations found for reporting public activities of public, central, and local institutions as well as agencies and/or state enterprises, for the period January 24 – February 2, 2023. At the end of the evaluation, it will be concluded with decision-making by the Commissioner.

Today, the result of the in-depth verification of the General Prosecutor for the self-declaring subject Mr. Arbër Idriz Arifaj, candidate for deputy proposed by the Socialist Movement for Integration, Kukës district, under law no. 138/2015 “On guaranteeing the integrity of persons who are elected, appointed or exercise public functions”.

The State Commissioner of Elections decided to declare the administrative procedure completed without a final decision for the subject Mr. Arbër Arifaj, as it is estimated that there is no object and purpose of the administrative procedure started before the election date.

NewsThe elections of May 14, 2023 – the members are appointed and the headquarters of the CEAZs are established