CSC finalises the preliminary review of appeal requests

13/03/2023 | News

The Complaints and Sanctions Commission  (CSC) examined the elements of the form and content of the complaint requests submitted to the CEC.

At the end of the preliminary review, the CSC decided to discontinue the review of the appeal request no. 29, filed by the Democratic Party, Mr. Sali Berisha.

CSC concluded that the complainant is not legitimate because he does not have a legal interest in an issue that belongs to another applicant and CSC does not have the competence to review the complaint, since the SEC has not issued a final decision on the complainant’s request.

CSC decided to proceed to a public hearing on 14.03.2023, at 09:00, of appeal request no. 30 filed by the Party “Lëvizja Bashkë”.

Furthermore, CSC decided not to review the appeal request no. 31 filed by the Partia Demokratike, Mr. Enkelejd Alibeaj.

CSC concluded that: “Decision of the Commissioner no. 158, dated 09.03.2023, is an interim decision. He has not given a final solution based on the request with no. 1337 Prot., dated 06.03.2023. The Commissioner has the legal obligation to make a decision on its acceptance or dismissal. CSC is an instance of administrative appeal and not an instance of initial review of requests. CSC cannot exercise powers that are not expressly assigned to it by law. This means that he cannot take decisions on requests, without the Commissioner being expressed first as the competent body for their review and resolution. CSC has no competence “for deciding the registration as an electoral subject of the ” Partisë Demokratike të Shqipërisë ” as an initial instance, as requested by the complainant”.


NewsCSC finalises the preliminary review of appeal requests