CSC passes for review two election complaints 

15/03/2023 | News

The Commission of Sanctions and Complaints reviewed the criteria of form and content of two complaints filed with the CEC:

  1. Complaint no. 32 filed by the Democratic Party of Albania, requesting the revocation of the Decision no 172, dated 14.03.2023 of the State Election Commissioner ” On review of the request of Democratic Party to be registered as electoral subject for local government elections of May 14 2023″ and registration of Democratic Party of Albania pursuant to request no.27, dated 05.03.2023 and accompanying documentation, which was registered at the CEC with protocol no. 1337, dated 06.03.2023, submitted on behalf of DP by the representative Mr. Indrit Sefa.
  2. The complaint no.33 filed by Democratic Party of Albania requesting the revocation of Decision of State Election Commissioner no.172, dated 14.03.2023 and the amendment of the Decision, by deciding to register the Democratic Party of Albania represented by Sali Berisha, as electoral subject for local government elections of May 14, 2023. 

  At the end of preliminary review, CSC decided to pass for review in a public session both complaints. The rapporteur of both Complaints will be Mr. Koli Bele.

  The public review  will take place on Thursday on March 16,2023 at 12.00 hrs. 

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NewsCSC passes for review two election complaints