Central Elections Commission to receive support for digitalisation by Swiss government

24/03/2023 | News

A new agreement signed today kicks off a project that will further develop CEC transparency and effectiveness through digital tools

State Elections Commissioner Ilirjan Celibashi and Swiss Ambassador Ruth Huber signed today the agreement on improving the Commission’s digital systems.

“The Central Elections Commission of Albania plays a vital role in ensuring that elections in Albania are free, fair, and transparent. It is a crucial institution for upholding the principles of democracy in the country. Therefore, the contribution of the Swiss Confederation to the Central Elections Commission is highly appreciated. Their support will go a long way in strengthening the electoral process in Albania, ensuring that it meets international standards and is carried out with integrity. The Swiss government’s commitment to promoting democracy and good governance in Albania is commendable, and we thank them for their contribution. We hope that this partnership between Albania and Switzerland will continue to foster positive developments in the country’s democratic processes.”, declared Commissioner Celibashi.

“Our support envisions that new digital and accountability instruments are in place by 2026. What we are starting today will show results hopefully in the next elections”, said Swiss Ambassador Ruth Huber. “Whilst we recognize the necessity of digital systems we would like to bring to the attention of CEC the challenges of data protection and risks of cyber security. All digital tools and systems must guarantee the citizens’ rights and ensure that their data is safe and will not be misused”, added Ambassador Huber.

Based on the agreement, the Swiss government grants 1.2 million Euro to improve the Commission’s capacities, modernise several services and introduce new digital and IT instruments. The project will run for four years until 2026 and will be implemented by the Central Elections Commission in close cooperation with the Embassy of Switzerland.

The project foresees the development of a new CEC electronic document system, a new app for providing electoral data, a digital module for accreditation of observers, and an online module for registering electoral subjects.

The new electoral law (2021) demands the implementation of certain IT applications (biometric voter identification, electronic voting system etc). In the government sector and specific in the Albanian Central Election Commission there are specific public accountability requirements as well as the need to comply with public records legislation.

Switzerland supports democratic governance in Albania as part of its cooperation programme 2022-2025.

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NewsCentral Elections Commission to receive support for digitalisation by Swiss government