CEC request 20 companies to estimate the costs of SEIV and PEI.

13/11/2020 | News

The CEC, pursuant to Article 23 and 179 of the Electoral Code of the Republic of Albania and Decision no. 02, dated 31.10.2020 of the Regulatory Commission “On the type and characteristics to be met by  electronic identification of voters system and devices, which are procured and used in elections in the Republic of Albania”, and the law no. 9643, dated 20.11.2006 “On public procurement.” as amended, article 59 of DCM no. 914, dated 29.12.2014 “On the approval of public procurement rules”, is in the process of estimating the expected financial value of the contract for the implementation of the Electronic Voter Identification System and Electronic Identification Devices, which will be used in April 25, 2021 elections.

In order to make an efficient use of funds and guarantee full transparency in this process, the CEC has asked 20 companies with international experience, which operate in the field of information technology and / or have experience in election processes, to present an estimate on costs of application of electronic voter identification system and devices.

The list of these companies is as follows:

  1. INSPECTRON LTD, http://www.inspectron.com/index
  2. SAFRAN MORPHO, http://www.safran-group.com/content/morpho
  3. M2SYS, m2sys.com
  4. IDECO BIOMETRICS, http://www.ideco.co.za/
  5. KOFAX, http://www.kofax.com
  6. ELECTION SYSTEM & SOFTWARE, http://www.essvote.com/contact/
  7. INDRA, http://www.indracompany.com/en/
  8. CYBERNETICA AS, http://cyber.ee/
  10. CGTS, cgtscorp.com
  11. SCYTL, http://www.scytl.com/
  12. TCN, tcn.al
  13. CIELA, ciela.net
  14. HSB IDENTIFICATION B.V http://www.hsb.nl/
  15. SECOM S.R.L, secomitalia.com
  17. IN2, http://www.in2.hr/en
  18. THALES GROUP, http://www.thalesgroup.com/en
  19. EVERIS AN NTT DATA COMPANY, http://www.everis.com/global/en
  20. SMARTMATIC WORLDWIDE HEADQUARTERS, http://www.smartmatic.com/

In order to initiate the procurement procedure for the electronic voter identification devices and calculate the value of the contract based on the market prices, the CEC has requested the above companies to list the costs based on the type and technical characteristics of the Electronic Voter Identification Systems and Devices, specified with the Decision of the Regulatory Commission.

After receiving the information and data to be delivered by the above companies, the CEC will allocate the budget for the electronic voter identification project and will draft the tender documentation, based on which the procurement procedure will start.

NewsCEC request 20 companies to estimate the costs of SEIV and PEI.