Celibashi meets Italian Ambassador Fabrizio Bucci.

08/12/2020 | News

​The State Election Commissioner Mr. Ilirjan Celibashi received in a meeting the Italian Ambassador Mr. Fabrizio Bucci and the Deputy Ambassador Mr. Alberto Petrangeli.

The meeting was held in the context of the preparations for April 25, 2021 election process.

Mr. Celibashi briefed the Ambassador regarding the work done so far, underlining particularly two priority issues such as biometric identification of voters and voting from abroad of the citizens living outside the territory of the Republic of Albania. He stated that the CEC is determined to carry forward this process, by guaranteeing full transparency and accountability, despite the obstacles the institution might face. 

Ambassador Bucci recognized the importance of cooperation of all political actors for the full implementation of election reform. 

Both parties highlighted the fact that the relations between Albania and Italy are based on strong historical ground, which is also due to the contribution given by the Albanians who live in Italy. 

NewsCelibashi meets Italian Ambassador Fabrizio Bucci.