CSC, lot is cast to assign rapporteurs of three election complaints.

16/04/2021 | News

Three elections complaints were filed with the  CEC, respectively:

  1. Election complaint no.12,  with object “Appeal to decision no.224 dated 13.04.2021 of the State Election Commissioner “On review of the report of Audio Visual Media Authority on the coverage of election campaign by OSHMA, from March 26, 2021 to April 3, 2021, filed by complainant Party for Justice, Unity and  Integration;
  2. Election complaint no.13, with object “On administrative review of the complaint of the Alliance for the Protection of the Theater, against the State Election Commissioner”, filed by complainant Alliance for the Protection of the Theater.
  3. Election Complaint no.14, with object “Appeal to the Decision no.234, dated 14.04.2021, on administrative penalty against the Mayor of Vore Municipality, Mr. Gentian Picari,  with a fine at the amount of 10,000 (ten thousand) leke, for breaching the Decision no.140,  dated 15.03.2021, of the State Election Commissioner, filed by the complainant Mr.Gentian Picari,  the Mayor of Vora  Municipality.

The Commission of Sanctions and Appeals drew the lot to assign the rapporteurs of the election complaints. Based on the result of the lot, the rapporteur of complaint no.12, will be CSC member  Elvin Lako, the rapporteur of election complaint no. 13 is CSC member Mr Ilirjan Rusmali and the rapporteur of the complaint no. 14 is CSC member Koli Bele.

The preliminary review of the election complaints will be held on Monday, on 19.04.2021.

NewsCSC, lot is cast to assign rapporteurs of three election complaints.