Statement of the State Election Commissioner, Mr. Ilirjan Celibashi (19:00 hrs).

26/04/2021 | News

An update regarding the process of ballot counting and tabulation of results:

So far:

  1. In 23 BCCs the counting process has finished  for the tabulation of results for political parties and coalitions
  2. In 37 BCCs more than 50% of VCs have been counted
  3. In 10 BCCs, less than30 % VCs are counted (including Tirana);
  4. In 22 BCCs an average of around 40% of VCs are counted

In CEAZ no. 71 in Pustec and CEAZ no. 81 in Libohovë the counting process is finished both for the political parties and the candidates

The tabulation of results is also complete in the CEAZ no.40, where the pilot project of electronic voting and counting was implemented.

The CEC is attentively following the dynamics of the process.  Unfortunately, we continue to  encounter problems with the actions of the CEAZ members and Ballot Counting Teams regarding the administration of the counting process.

We are aware that it is a challenging task and with a lot of pressure, but we have received reports that not in a few cases, the obstruction comes as a result of the subjective stands or political interference by the candidates or representatives of political parties.

It is worth mentioning that the CEC has taken action and immediately after the CEC intervention the situation has changed.

At this moment, we have no reports from any CEAZ on the interruption of the counting process. At the CEC website you can find all the relevant information on the voting centers which are included in the results.

Today, there were problems with the access of the site due to the large number of visits on the website and requests to access it, which created problems in accessing information.

As you are aware, the OSCE/ODIHR Election Observation Mission in Albania came up with the preliminary report, mainly on what they observed on election day. We find that their findings are realistic and the CEC shares their many of their positive and non-positive aspects.

We received some reports from candidates for MPs and recently from the candidate proposed by the voters in Tirana Region, Mr.Boiken Abazi regarding some irregularities they alleged in some CEAZs in Tirana regarding the way of evaluation of ballots of this candidate. We are following this situation and on its part, the CEC will take the appropriate decisions and stands.

NewsStatement of the State Election Commissioner, Mr. Ilirjan Celibashi (19:00 hrs).