The Commission of Complaints and Sanctions reviewed the request of the State Election Commissioner demanding administrative sanctions on 31 secretaries of Voting Centers, who, according to findings of the post election verification,  had failed to administer the election documentation ( protocol register), Decision no.467, dated 11.11.2021 of the State Election Commissioner.

At the end of review, the Commission of Complaints and Sanctions sustained the request of SEC and imposed an administrative sanction by a fine of 30,000 lek for each secretary of the VCC, based on the Decision of the State Election Commissioner.

CSC underlined that despite the fact that the enquiry process conducted by the Commissioner was not complete and was not fully compliant with the Electoral Code and the Code of Administrative Procedures, in terms of investigation and defining specific responsibilities for the individuals against whom administrative penalties are required, it is important to note that the individuals against whose allegations were made, proved to be very passive by not appearing in the hearings, even though they were aware of the hearings- which implies they admit the allegations.

In addition, CSC reviewed the criteria of the form and content of the election complaint no.75, filed with the CEC on 16.12.2021,  “Objection to SEC Decision no. 470, dated 03.12.2021 and review item 4 of the Decision “On approval of reports on key findings of the process of post election verification of the ballots and electronic counting device, used in April 25, 2021 elections”. The complaint was filed by four members of a counting team.

CSC refused to pass the complaint for review as the legal charges are a competence only of the State Election Commissioner, based on article 281 of the Code of Penal Proceedings and as such, an administrative decision on this issue is not relevant. 

In addition, CSC assesses that information is sent to the competent authorities which leaves this complaint without a scope.