CEC Celebrates World Election Day with Voters Awareness Program

03/02/2022 | News

The Central Election Commission in cooperation with the OSCE Presence in Tirana and the British Embassy celebrated “World Election Day” . The event  was attended by young people and representatives of the Institute for Roma Culture in Albania (IRCA), the Professional Youth Network, Youth Advisory Network, Visually Impaired Youth Forum, etc.

The key addresses were delivered by the State Election Commissioner, Mr. Ilirjan Celibashi, Deputy Head of OSCE Presence, Ms. Clarisse Pasztory and the British Deputy Ambassador, Mr. Jason Ivory.

Commissioner Celibashi highlighted the importance of participating in the elections, as an important process which is directly related to the selection of candidates and alternatives that govern the country. The CEC is fully committed to giving the importance it deserves  to the Voters’ education and awareness regarding the important role of their vote.

The State Election Commissioner under the symbolism of this day, launched the voter education project, supported by the British Embassy in Tirana. The project consists of a comprehensive tour of listening, consultation and collaborating with young people, women and national minorities throughout Albania.

Deputy Chief of the OSCE Presence in Tirana, Mrs. Clarisse Pasztory stated that the OSCE will continue to support democratic institutions and processes in our country, underlining the support provided for electoral reform, awareness of young people, women and other national minorities.

She said that it is very important for young people to be informed and made aware of the importance of their vote and participation in the country’s decision-making processes.

On his part, the British Deputy Ambassador, Mr. Jason Ivory stated the United Kingdom has supported the electoral process in Albania by providing technical assistance to election bodies, by supporting election monitoring, increasing participation and engaging civil society and the media. “Currently, we are supporting the CEC to launch a new field program with young people, women and minorities to encourage them to be more involved in the elections. If there’s one key message I want you to remember from today’s event, it is this  message- “Every vote counts, your vote counts”.

Therefore, he added, it is essential that every young person is engaged in the electoral process as in the end you have the opportunity to directly influence which political party comes to power and which ends up in opposition. The election process is the only opportunity everyone has to hear his / her voice.

 The Central Election Commission has started to implement education and awareness programs throughout the country in order to raise awareness of young people, women, various groups of voters on the importance of their vote and turn-out in elections

NewsCEC Celebrates World Election Day with Voters Awareness Program