By-elections – CEC tests operation of electronic identification devices (PEI)

02/03/2022 | News

Today, the Central Election Commission conducted operational test of electronic voter identification device (PEI) to be used in local by-elections of March 6, 2022.

The Electronic Voter Identification System (SEIV) will be used for voter identification and Electronic Identification Device (PEI) located in 941 voting centers, which will ensure the accurate identification of voters, based on the electronic register of voters stored in the device.

Deputy Commissioner Mrs. Lealba Pelinku stated that 3% of the devices were randomly selected to test the compliance of the criteria by the CEC in relation to equipment parameters. Pelinku underlined that the simulation of the process in this operational test will check elements such as: whether a voter belongs to that voting center, if a voter attempts to vote more than once, or if a voter is at the wrong voting center and special cases related to commissioners or voters that are presented in the VC with a court decision.

The State Election Commissioner, Mr. Ilirjan Celibashi stated that today’ s process is in compliance with the provisions set out in the Electoral Code on verification of the functionality of the PEI. He added that the process of electronic voter verification is simple for the citizens and that the successful experience of the 2021 elections in the application of electronic identification serves as a good basis to prevent problems.

Commissioner Celibashi responded to the media interest regarding the implementation of voting and electronic counting in the municipality of Vora and guaranteed that the secrecy of the vote is 100% guaranteed. He stated that the aim is to release the preliminary result after the closing of the voting process.

The electronic identification process will include the same principles of identification as the manual process.

On the election day, the voters will go to his / her voting center, with an ID card or biometric passport, to be identified through the PEI device. In addition to the identification document he will also leave dactyloscopic traces (fingerprints), which will be used to identify cases of illegitimate voting.

NewsBy-elections – CEC tests operation of electronic identification devices (PEI)