CSC upholds complaint no 7 and annuls Vora CEAZ decision

06/03/2022 | News

The electoral subject Democratic Party filed the complaint no.7, dated 05.03.2022, with object  “Appeal to Decision no.171, dated 05.03.2022 of CEAZ no.26”.

The Commission of Sanctions and Complaints reviewed the complaint, whose rapporteur was Mr. Ledio Braho. 

At the end of the review, CSC decided to uphold the request of the electoral subject Democratic Party and reject the Decision no 171, dated 05.03.2022 of CEAZ no. 26 and require CEAZ to appoint secretaries and members of the VCC in those VCCs where the quorum is not reached, according to the Decision no 130, dated 05.03.2022 of the State Election Commissioner ” On approval of the multi member lists of the candidates who can be appointed as VCC members for local by elections of March 6,2022″. 

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NewsCSC upholds complaint no 7 and annuls Vora CEAZ decision