The Complaints and Sanctions Commission reviewed the appeal request no. 9, filed in the Central Election Commission by Ms. Emiriana Sako, with the object “Objection to the decision no. 152, dated 25.04.2022, of the SEC ‘On the review of the denunciation of the organization“ Qendresa Qytetare ”against the director of the 9-year school“ Armath ”and the candidate for mayor in the municipality of Durrës, Mrs. Emiriana Sako, proposed by the electoral subject “Socialist Party, for administrative violations in the framework of the election campaign for the partial elections for mayor, dated March 6, 2022”.

At the end of the review, CSC decided to reject the appeal made by Ms. Emiriana Sako and leaving in force the decision no. 152, dated 28.04.2022, of the State Election Commissioner.

Also, after the preliminary review of the request of the State Election Commissioner for imposing an administrative sanction, CSC decided that the public hearing to be held on 31.05.2022, at 11:00.