May 14 elections-  Training of election campaign monitors starts

23/01/2023 | News

The training of election campaign monitors started today  for May 14,2023 local government elections. 

The monitors will observe the compliance of legal obligations by the electoral subjects and the activity of public institutions in order to prevent the abuse of public resources.

In the context of the work for local government elections, the CEC drafted and prepared the trainers’ program for the election campaign in 61 municipalities in the country.

The first stage of the training program focuses on the election campaign and the public activities of state institutions.  The second stage will focus on the standardized templates of reporting, the method of reporting and electronic reporting in the platform established by the CEC for political parties’ funding. In this digital platform the monitors will report in real time during the election campaign.  

The training program will be a open one and can be observed and monitored by the civil society and media.

The training program

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NewsMay 14 elections-  Training of election campaign monitors starts