Local government elections of May 2023 – 42 political parties and 4 initiating committees which will organize work for independent candidates registered

08/03/2023 | News

During today’s public session, the State Election Commissioner determined the number of candidates in multi -member lists that should be submitted by electoral subjects for each electoral zone, in May 14, 2023 local government elections.

The number of candidates for members of municipal council are:

  1. Municipality of Kamëz 42 candidates
  2. Municipality of Kavajë 32 candidates
  3. Municipality of Rrogozhinë 22 candidates
  4. Municipality of Tiranë 62 candidates
  5. Municipality of Vorë 22 candidates
  6. Municipality of Delvinë  16 candidates
  7. Municipality of Finiq 22 candidates
  8. Municipality of Himarë  22 candidates
  9. Municipality of Vlorë  52 candidates
  10. Municipality of Konispol 16 candidates
  11. Municipality of Sarandë 32 candidates
  12. Municipality of Selenicë 22 candidates
  13. Municipality of Kuçovë 22 candidates
  14. Municipality of Poliçan 16 candidates
  15. Municipality of Skrapar 16 candidates
  16. Municipality of Berat 32 candidates
  17. Municipality of Dimal 22  candidates
  18. Municipality of Bulqizë 22 candidates
  19. Municipality of Klos 22 candidates
  20. Municipality of Dibër 32 candidates
  21. Municipality of Mat 22 candidates
  22. Municipality of Krujë 32 candidates
  23. Municipality of Durrës 52 candidates
  24. Municipality of Shijak 22 candidates
  25. Municipality of Belsh 22 candidates
  26. Municipality of Cërrik 22 candidates
  27. Municipality of Gramsh 22 candidates
  28. Municipality of Elbasan 52 candidates
  29. Municipality of Librazhd 22 candidates
  30. Municipality of Peqin 22 candidates
  31. Municipality of Prrenjas 22 candidates
  32. Municipality of Divjakë 32 candidates
  33. Municipality of Lushnjë 42 candidates
  34. Municipality of Mallakastër 22 candidates
  35. Municipality of Fier 52 candidates
  36. Municipality of Patos 22 candidates
  37. Municipality of Roskovec 22 candidates
  38. Municipality of Dropull 22 candidates
  39. Municipality of Këlcyrë 16 candidates
  40. Municipality of Gjirokastër 32 candidates
  41. Municipality of Libohovë 16 candidates
  42. Municipality of Memaliaj 16 candidates
  43. Municipality of Përmet 16 candidates
  44. Municipality of Tepelenë 16 candidates
  45. Municipality of Devoll 22 candidates
  46. Municipality of Kolonjë 16 candidates
  47. Municipality of Korccë 42 candidates
  48. Municipality of Maliq 32 candidates
  49. Municipality of Pogradec 32 candidates
  50. Municipality of Pustec 16 candidates
  51. Municipality of Has 22 candidates
  52. Municipality of Kukës 32 candidates
  53. Municipality of Tropojë 22 candidates
  54. Municipality of Kurbin 32 candidates
  55. Municipality of Lezhë 42 candidates
  56. Municipality of Mirditë 22 candidates
  57. Municipality of Fushë-Arrëz 16 candidates
  58. Municipality of Malësi e Madhe 32 candidates
  59. Municipality of Pukë 16 candidates
  60. Municipality of Shkodër 52 candidates
  61. Municipality of Vau i Dejës 32 candidates

 Today, the administrative process was concluded for the denunciation for failure in reporting activities of a public character, against the responsible people. 

The Commissioner did not find administrative violations for the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of State for Standards and Services, the Municipalities of Cërrik, Shkodër, Vlorë, Libohovë, Rrogozhinë, Tepelenë, Dibër dhe Belsh and appealed to the public institutions to take immediate action for reporting of public activities.  

The administrative inquiry continues for failure to report public activities against the responsible bodies in the Institution of Gjirokastra Region Prefecture / Ministry of Tourism and Environment, Ministry of State for Protection of Entrepreneurship, Ministry of Health and Social Protection, municipalities of  Pogradec, Gjirokastër, Përmet, Elbasan, Fier, Librazh, Bulqizë, Prrenjas, Roskovec.

The hearing for the denunciation against the Ministry of Health and Social Protection (MSHMS) was postponed at the request of “Civic Center” organization, whereas the denunciation against the Municipality of Gjirokaster was postponed upon the request of the latter. The parties made their claims and at the end of the investigation, the Commissioner will reach a decision.

 In addition, the Decision was ruled on assessment of reports of the public activities of several institutions for February 17, 2023-February 23, 2023 period. The commissioner decided to drop the administrative proceedings against the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Tourism and the Environment, the Minister of State for Relations with the Parliament, the Minister of State for Standards and Services, Bank of Albania, National Historical Museum, Regional Directorate of Pre-University Education Lezhë, National Agency of Education, Vocational Training, Probation Service, Institute of Social Security, municipalities of Kurbin, Lezhë, Mat, Roskovec, Saranda, Shkodër and Tepelene. The commissioner appealed to the municipalities of Lezhë, Mat, Sarandë and the Probation Service  to take immediate measures and report public activities within the legal deadline.

The session continued with the evaluation of public activity reports of central/local institutions as well as public agencies for February 24 – March 2, 2023 period. 319 activities from 72 institutions were reported, of which 57 activities are in violation of the legal reporting deadline. The CEC will continue the administrative review for institutions found to have reported public activities that breached the deadline.

Today, the Commissioner also reviewed the requests of political parties and initiating committees for registration as electoral subjects in May 14, 2023 local government elections.

 The commissioner decided to register as electoral subjects:

  1. “Social Democratic Party”;
  2. “Party for the Protection of Workers’ Rights of Albania”;
  3. “Party for the Protection of the Rights of Immigrants”;
  4. “Green Party”;
  5. “Albanian Democratic Union Party”;
  6. “Hour of Albania” Party “;
  7. “Albania National Conservative Party”;
  8. “National Arber Alliance Party”;
  9. “Christian Democratic Party of Albania”;
  10. “Albanian Emigration Party”;
  11. “Communist Party of Albania”;
  12. “Albanian Civic Party”;
  13. “Greek Ethnic Minority for the Future MEGA”;
  14. “Albanian Republican Party”;
  15. “Justice, Integration and Unity”;
  16. “Albanian Homeland Party”;
  17. “National Unity Party”;
  18. “Agrarian Environmentalist Party of Albania”;
  19. “Alliance for European Equality and Justice”;
  20. “Albanian Labour Movement”;
  21. “Hashtag Initiative”;
  22. “Albania  Demo-Christian Alliance Party”;
  23. “National Democratic Front”;
  24. “Conservative Party”;
  25. “New Movement”;
  26. “Christian Democratic Party of Albania”;
  27. “New Democracy Alliance”;
  28. “National Front Party”;
  29. “Social Democracy Party”;
  30. “People with Disabilities”;
  31. “Albanian Democratic Alliance”;
  32. “Legality Movement”;
  33. “Union for Human Rights”;
  34. “Party of Albanian Democratic Reforms”;
  35. “Liberal Democratic Union”;
  36. “Albanian Future”;
  37. “Albanian Demo-Christian League Party”;
  38. “New Democratic Spirit Party”;
  39. “Alliance of Macedonians for European Integration”;
  40. “Party for Europeanization and Integration of Albania”;
  41. “Left Front”;
  42. “Alliance for Democracy and Solidarity”;
  43. The Initiating Committee, which will organize the work for  presentation of Mr. Eduart Muhamet Nallbani, as a candidate proposed by voters in the election zone of Tirana district;
  44. The Initiating Committee, which will organize the work for presentation of Mr. Iljan Gjergji Nastu, as a candidate proposed by voters in the election zone of Korçë district;
  45. The Initiating Committee, which will organize the work for presentation of Mr. Ismail Bujar Jakupi, as a candidate proposed by voters in the election zone of Durrës district;
  46. The Initiating Committee that will organize the work for  presentation of Mr. Lazjon Vangjel Petri, as a candidate proposed by voters in the election zone of Korçë district.
NewsLocal government elections of May 2023 – 42 political parties and 4 initiating committees which will organize work for independent candidates registered