Progress of reporting of public activities for February 24-March 2, assesed

11/03/2023 | News

During today’s public session, the State Election Commissioner reviewed the request of the political party “Democratic Creed” for registration as electoral subject in local government elections. The Commissioner decided to register Democratic Creed party with chairman Mr. Astrit Patozi and initials “BD”.

The review of the request of political party  “Movement for National Development” for registration in local government elections of May, 14, 2023 elections, was postponed for the next session. 

In addition, the following vacancies in the municipal councils were filled: 

  1. In Mat municipal council, with the candidate from multi-member list of Socialist Party Mrs. Ana Gazmir Hysa;
  2. Dibër Municipal council with the candidate from multi-member list of G 99, Parry, Mr. Klodian Kapllan Përshaku;
  3. Kolonjë Municipal council, with the candidate from the multi member list of Social Democracy Mr. Arjan Andon Çikopana;
  4. Shkodër Municipal council with the candidate from multi-member list of Social Democrat Party of Albania, Mr. Durim Adem Bullakja.

During today’s session, the reporting of activities of public character was reviewed,  for February 24- March 2, 2023 period. 

After learning the circumstances and the facts, the State Election Commissioner decided to drop the administrative proceedings against the following institutions:

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development; Ministry of Finance and Economy; Ministry of Health and Social Protection, Ministry of Tourism and Environment, Ministry of Culture, Minister of State for Youth and Children, Bank of Albania, National Employment Agency and Skills, State Agency of Cadastre, Prefect of Tirana Region, Civil Aviation Authority, National Business, Department of Research and Methodological Guidance, Regional Directorate of Pre University Education Korce, Korce, Local Office of Pre university Education, Fier, Municipalities of Tirana, Belsh, Dibër, Divjakë, Durrës, Gjirokastër, Kavajë, Korçë, Lezhë, Malësi e Madhe, Maliq, Mallakastër, Patos, Pogradec, Rrogozhinë, Sarandë, Tepelenë.

Three reporters of media Center “MCA – Press & Gir” were accredited for local government elections. 

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NewsProgress of reporting of public activities for February 24-March 2, assesed