Educating and informing first-time voters

14/05/2024 | News

Central Election Commission together with the OSCE Presence in Albania, met with voters for the first time at “Themistokli Germenji” High School in Korçë.
The meeting is part of a broader program by the Central Elections Commission to educate, inform, and raise awareness among young people about electoral processes.
We discussed the importance of voting and their participation in electoral processes not only as voters but also as electoral administrators.
Electoral education provides young people with the necessary knowledge to understand and effectively participate in elections. This includes familiarity with voting procedures, the electronic identification and counting process, as well as the rights and responsibilities as voters.
Additionally, we discussed electoral offenses, ensuring that first-time voters are informed about the possible legal consequences of illegal electoral actions. This serves as a preventive measure to maintain the integrity and transparency of the electoral process.
During the discussion, the importance of active engagement of young people in the electoral process as voters and as part of the electoral administration was highlighted.
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NewsEducating and informing first-time voters