CEC, hearing session with representatives of the GDCS.

05/12/2020 | News

The Regulatory Commission reviewed today the following draft decisions:

“Determining the rules for establishment, assigning and announcing the location of voting centers and preparing the map of local self-government unit for elections”.

2) “On determining the procedures for selection and training of citizens who can be nominally appointed to fill the vacancy in the CEAZ and VCC”.

After reviewing them in principle and article by article, the Commission unanimously decided to adopt the two draft decisions.

In addition, a hearing session was held during today’s meeting, with representatives of the General Directorate of Civil Status on the methodology and / or criteria used by the GDCO, to determine the overall number of citizens and the number of citizens per region, and the period to which the calculation is referred. At the end of the discussions, the Regulatory Commission decided that the questions and issues raised should be asked to the General Directorate of Civil Status.in writing.

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NewsCEC, hearing session with representatives of the GDCS.