OSCE /ODHIR Needs Assessment Mission meets with new governing bodies of CEC.

27/01/2021 | News

The State Election Commissioner Mr. Ilirjan Celibashi and Deputy Commissioner Mrs. Lealba Pelinku held a meeting with the delegation of OSCE/ODHIR Needs Assessment Mission. The meeting focused on the work being done for the election process, such as the application of technology, the vote of Albanian citizens living abroad, financing of political parties, misuse of the state resources for election purposes, etc.

Mr. Celibashi also mentioned the challenges the CEC is facing, the delayed establishment of the new structure of the institution and the pressure that creates for the institution the narrow time frame remaining until the elections.

Mrs. Pelinku highlighted the use of technology in elections, electronic identification and steps taken in this context, as an innovation and a challenge for the institution in the coming elections.

OSCE/ODIHR mission also met with representatives of the Regulatory Commission and the Complaints and Sanctions Commission.

 OSCE/ODIHR delegation stated that the scope of the mission was needs assessment and not monitoring.  After two weeks, the delegation, based on the collected information, will come up with a public report on the needs of the process.

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NewsOSCE /ODHIR Needs Assessment Mission meets with new governing bodies of CEC.