Electronic Voters’ Identification Device demonstrated in Fier.

08/03/2021 | News

Today, in the premises of the high school  gymnasium “Jakov Xoxa”, in Fieri city, the Electronic voters’ Identification Device (PEI) which will be used in April 25,2021 parliamentary elections, was demonstrated.

A voting process was simulated in order to introduce the functioning of this device on election day.

Deputy Commissioner Lealba Pelinku stated that “One of the primary functions of the device is to identify cases when a voter attempts multiple voting. Since the device has stored only the voters’list of that center where the device is installed, it becomes impossible to vote for those voters who are not registered in that voting center”. 

On election day, the voters will go to the voting center and show the ID or biometric passport in order to be identified by PEI and in addition to the identification documents, they will leave dactyloscopic traces ( finger prints) which will serve to identify cases of illegal voting.

The process of electronic identification is based on the same identification principles as the manual identification.

NewsElectronic Voters’ Identification Device demonstrated in Fier.