CEC, educational session with first time voters.

10/03/2021 | News

With the support of OSCE and the Council of Europe, the network of young professionals organized a three day workshop in Tirana, with the theme “Active youth in the election process”. The CEC also attended the workshop. 

The engagement of young people in the election process is a permanent challenge for the Central Election Commission. When drafting its  voters awareness and education, program, a special attention has been paid to the youth and enhancement of their role in parliamentary elections of April 25,2021.

During this educational session with the youth, the CEC expressed its support and commitment to encourage young people in decision making role, and the election process is one of them. The CEC addressed the questions of young people on the actual opportunities to play a more active role. 

Some of the young participants who attended the session on line, asked questions regarding the steps the voters should follow in the Voting Center, about the electronic identification device, voting from abroad, penal offences related to voting, the way of voting, etc.

 The Department of Communication, the Educational Sector of Voters shared with the young participants that in these elections,  a new approach will be followed, asking for their direct engagement. In addition, they appealed the young people to apply as operators of the electronic identification device, which will be installed in every voting center.

This workshop was held from March 8 to March 10, 2021.

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NewsCEC, educational session with first time voters.