VCC Manual approved.

12/04/2021 | News

The Regulatory Commission, in today’s meeting approved an amendment to the Decision no.11, dated 25.03.2021 “On the way of establishment organization, functioning of the VCC and the voting  in the VC”.

In addition, the manual of VCC was approved. It aims to guide the members of the Voting Center Commission. The knowledge, understanding and acquiring the procedures of the Manual will help to  enhance the professional capacity of VCC members in election administration, in addressing in a professional, impartial and efficient manner of all issues that might arise when exercising their duty.

It also aims to ensure a good administration of the election process and legal fulfillment of their functional duties, in compliance with the Electoral Code and other by laws of the CEC.

The Regulatory Commission decided to postpone the review of the draft decision ” On procedural rules of the electronic voting and counting process through the electronic voting and counting device  (PEVN) in VCs of EAZ no. 40 in Tirana Region, for parliamentary elections of April 25, 2021 “

NewsVCC Manual approved.