Elections of April 25, 2021, the British Embassy in Tirana donates the Media Corner to the CEC.

19/04/2021 | News

In the context of transparency of information on pre-election process, the voting day and the post-election information, the British Embassy in Tirana donated a Media Corner for the Central Election Commission. The Media Corner is placed in the CEC meeting room and will serves to the reporters  during election day and during the counting process.

The State Election Commissioner, Mr. Ilirjan Celibashi expressed his gratitude to the British Embassy for the continuous support given to the CEC and for the attention to the election process in our country.

The Commissioner stated that the donation of information technology equipment by the Embassy will improve the quality and performance of the CEC administration in providing information and will have a direct impact on the integrity of the election process. He added that it is very important to enhance transparency regarding the preparation of the election process and  creation of appropriate conditions for journalists to report during election day and vote counting process helps to enhance transparency by the CEC. 

 The British Ambassador  to Tirana, Mr. Duncan Norman underlined that support for the CEC is a  way to ensure elections that meet international standards, as  it is very important for UK that the will of the citizens is true. Ambassador Norman emphasized that the support of UK for parliamentary elections amounts to £ 679,000, provided in the form of technical equipment, various projects and monitoring by local observers during the voting and counting process.

The equipment installed in the CEC meeting room will report in real time the information from the voting centers and the counting centers.

Through the Media Corner, journalists will report in real time any statistical data, events or preliminary results on the election process.

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NewsElections of April 25, 2021, the British Embassy in Tirana donates the Media Corner to the CEC.