Statement of CEC Spokesperson Drilona Hoxhaj (16:30 hrs).

25/04/2021 | News

Following our communications to update the information that is available at the CEC,  received from the communication with commissioners, I would like to confirm that currently there are no problems, the voting process is proceeding calmly and even in those Voting Centers where the voting was temporarily suspended, it has resumed. The situation is calm.

Regarding the voters turnout, as it was stated in the declaration of the State Election Commissioner and reflected on the CEC website, the CEC application continues to be functional and the Commissioners have started to enter the data on voters ‘turnout and the progress of the voting process.

Regarding the voters’ turnout, until 16.00, it is at around 38.04 per cent. I would like to emphasize that this figure is based only on the information reported by 1612 voting centers out of 5199 in total. The percentage of voters turnout is reported in the same way as in the previous elections.

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NewsStatement of CEC Spokesperson Drilona Hoxhaj (16:30 hrs).