Statement of the spokesperson, Mrs. Drilona Hoxhaj (22:00 hrs).

26/04/2021 | News

We are providing you with an update on the counting process in 92 Election Zone Administration Commissions.

So far:

  1. In 39 CEAZs, the ballot counting process for political parties, coalitions and candidates in all VCs has finished; 
  2.       In 35 CEAZs, in more than 50 % VCs under their administration the counting process has finished;
  3.     Whereas in 18 CEAZs less than 50% of the VCs under their administration have finished the counting process.

Considering the progress of the ballot counting process that was covered today and in the statements released by the State Election Commissioner this evening, I would like to inform you that the State Election Commissioner has decided to impose the administrative sanction of 3,000 lek on all those CEAZ members which so far have counted less than 50 per cent of the votes, therefore on 18 CEAZs.

The penalty is imposed for noncompliance with the article 122, paragraph 1 of the Electoral Code which stipulates that the aggregate table of the election results for Election Administration Zone is tabulated by the CEAZ no later than 10.00 hrs of the next election date.

We will share the decision of the State Election Commissioner through our means of communication in order to be informed in detail about this decision.

 Thank you!

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NewsStatement of the spokesperson, Mrs. Drilona Hoxhaj (22:00 hrs).