Celibashi appeals to citizens to check validity of their ID

26/01/2022 | News

State Election Commissioner, Mr. Ilirijan Celibashi appeals to the citizens who are eligible to vote in local by-elections,  to check the validity of their identification documents.

All the citizens of municipalities of Dibër, Shkodër, Durrës, Rrogozhinë, Vora and Lushnje, who have the right to vote, and  who turn 18 on March 6,  will not be able to vote for their Mayor if the identification document (identity card / passport) is not valid on election date.

The voting process cannot take place without a valid means of identification on election day. Therefore, Commissioner Celibashi calls on the citizens to go to the offices of Aleat company to apply for the renewal of their ID documents if the validity of identification document has expired or expires on March 6 – and not to leave it until the last moment. 

Voting is a right but also a civic responsibility. Therefore, make sure that you have a valid identification document on election day. 

NewsCelibashi appeals to citizens to check validity of their ID