CEC allocates funds to political parties 

01/02/2022 | News

The State Election Commissioner decided to allocate annual funds to political parties as a form of  financial assistance for the year 2022. Based on the Electoral Code, article 15/ 2, letter “e”, article 19, item 2 of the law  “On political parties” and the Decision of the Regulatory Commission at the CEC on announcement of the final elections results for parliamentary elections of April 25, 2021 and SEC Decisions on allocation of mandates, the fund of 345 600 000 (three hundred forty-five million and six hundred) lek of the state budget was allocated as follows:

  1. Socialist Party of Albania(PS) 151.494.783 lek
  2. Democratic Party (PD) 104.926.170 lek
  3. Party for Justice, Integration and Unity (PDIU) 9.753.657 lek
  4. Human  Rights Union Party (PBDNJ) 8.018.647 lek
  5. Albanian Republican Party (PR) 13.223.679 lek
  6. Agrarian Environmental Party of Albania (PAA) 8.018.647 lek
  7. Movement for National Development Party (LZHK) 8.018.647 lek
  8. Legality Movement Party (PLL) 8.018.647 lek
  9. Socialist Movement for Integration Party (LSI) 15.577.215 lek
  10. Social Democrat Party (PSD) 12.266.269 lek
  11. Hashtag Initiative Party (NTH) 6.283.636 lek

Full decision of  the State Election Commissioner (alb).

NewsCEC allocates funds to political parties