Criteria for establishment of BCT and work procedures at BCC approved 

18/02/2022 | News

The Regulatory Commission approved the criteria for establishment of the ballot counting teams for each Ballot Counting Center.

The decision also specifies the conditions of incompatibility with the duty of BCC member,  the criteria for their appointment, submission of  proposals by political parties, procedures of selection of the Chief Counter and secretary of the BCT, replacement of the members, procedure of drawing the lot for replacements in case of vacancies, etc.

In addition, during today’s session the Regulatory Commission approved the Decision for organizing the work in Ballot Counting Center, the steps to be followed for the delivery of election materials and issuing of election results for local by elections for Mayor in the Municipalities of Shkodër, Dibër, Durrës, Vorë, Rrogozhinë and Lushnjë, to be held on March 6 2022.

NewsCriteria for establishment of BCT and work procedures at BCC approved