Reporting of public events, CEC reminder to central institutions and mayors  

26/02/2022 | News

The Central Elections Commission urges the institutions at a central level and local level and mayors of the Municipalities of Shkodër, Vorë, Durrës, Dibër, Rrogozhinë and Lushnjë to comply with the Electoral Code and provisions of the Decision no.9 of the Regulatory Commission to report activities of a public nature.

After the monitoring of the reporting interface of the Central Elections Commission on the public activities of institutions, for local by elections of March 6, 2022, the following issues were noted:

1. The activities which should be held by institutions, are not reported in time, as the deadline of 5 days for the reporting, according to article 4, item 4 of the Decision no.9, dated 24.12.2020 of the Regulatory Commission, is not met.

2. “Theme of the activity”, held by the reporting institutions, is incomplete and too broad. The lack of detailed information on the theme of activity makes it impossible for the State Election Commissioner to classify the activity into a prohibited or not prohibited activity.

Concerning the above, the heads of public instructions and heads of the local governments where mayoral elections will be conducted, should take immediate measures to comply with the provisions of Decision no.9, dated 24.12.2020, of the Regulatory Commission in the Central Elections Commission.

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NewsReporting of public events, CEC reminder to central institutions and mayors