The State Election Commissioner, during a public session, approved the result of the random selection of voting centers that will be subject to post-election examination of ballots and election materials used in March 6, 2022 local by elections.
Post-election verification consists in opening the boxes of election materials and ballot boxes and monitoring and evaluation of the operation of IT equipment, used in local by-elections in  6 municipalities of the country.
The aim of this process is to verify the compliance and accuracy of the activity of election administration during the administration of the process and evaluation of  ballot counting.
For March 6, 2022 by-elections, the ballot papers and election materials for 90 Voting Centers for the municipalities of Shkodra, Durres, Dibra, Lushnja and Rrogozhina will be inspected. In the municipality of Vora where the project of electronic voting and counting was implemented, the entire voting centers (44 VCs) will be inspected.

List of VCs that will be subject to post-election verification