The process of post election verification of ballots and election materials used in March 6, 2022 local by elections has been completed.  134 Voting Centers, 90 VCs of the municipalities of Shkodra, Dibra, Durres, Lushnje, Rrogozhina and 44 VCs of the municipality of Vora were subjected to post-election verification, where electronic voting and counting was implemented.

The post-election verification consisted in the opening of ballot boxes and ballot boxes, and monitoring and evaluation of the operation of information technology equipment used in mayoral by-elections in 6 municipalities of the country.

The aim of the process is to check the compliance and correctness of the election administration during the process of ballot evaluation and counting.   

The CEC will issue a report that reflects the findings of the verification of ballots and election materials for the selected Voting Centers.

You can find the results of post election verification in the link below: