Public activities interface, the institutions register and report the planned activities

19/01/2023 | News

Central and local public institutions and state agencies and /or state entities are reporting the planned activities.

Around 600 institutions are registered in the interface and 686 personalized accounts are opened for the people who are responsible for  reporting them.

So far 82 public activities are reported by different institutions.

The reporting of activities of a public character is done pursuant to article 92 of the Electoral Code and Decision no.9 , dated 24.12.2020 of the CEC  in order to prevent the misuse of state resources for election campaign purposes.

The central and local public institutions, and state agencies and /or state entities must report in the CEC interface all the activities they plan to run during the interval of four months before the election date. The report is submitted by the person who is responsible for the administrative management of the respective institutions through personalized access.

The interface includes reporting data such as date, time, type of activity, highest level of participation, guests of honor ,planned speakers and media coverage.

The reported activities appear in the interface, while a special structure established by the CEC monitors in real time the reported information.

In case the CEC takes a decision which does not allow the organization of an activity, this activity shall be classified as prohibited activity. 

The interface “prohibited activities” is easily accessible by the public, media, civil society and any party interested in receiving information on the reported activities and prohibited activities by the CEC. 

NewsPublic activities interface, the institutions register and report the planned activities