CSC upholds decision of CEAZ no. 90, Sarande

31/03/2023 | News

Today, the Commission of Sanctions and Complaints reviewed the complaint no.40, on      “Annulment of Decision no.17, dated 27.03.2023” of CEAZ no.90 Sarande and registration as candidate for Sarande municipal council, filed by complainant Mehmet Nelaj.

  At the end of the review, CSC decided with a majority of votes to dismiss the complaint filed by Mr. Mehmet Nelaj and uphold the Decision no. 17, dated 27.03.2023 of CEAZ no.90 Sarande.

Today, the Alliance for Macedonians for European Integration Party, filed the complaint no.42, dated 31.03.2023, with object ” Request for registration of multi- member lists of candidates for municipal council members in Pustec Municipality. 

The lot was drawn to select the rapporteur of the complaint and the result of the lot determined Mr. Elvis Çefa as rapporteur of the complaint.

CSC reviewed the criteria of form and content of the election complaint and decided to pass it for review in a public hearing scheduled on 04.04.2023, at 11.30. 

NewsCSC upholds decision of CEAZ no. 90, Sarande