2023 Local elections – Multi member lists for municipal council members approved for 12 electoral subjects 

03/04/2023 | News

The State Election Commissioner, during today’s session reviewed the requests of some electoral subjects for approval of multi member lists for local government elections of May 14,2023.

At the end of the review, the Commissioner decided to approve the multi-member lists of candidates for municipal council members for the following subjects:

1.      “National Arbër Alliance”,  for the municipalities of Tiranë, Korçë and Lezhë;

2.      “Democratic Alliance Party”,  for the municipality of Lezhë;

3.      “Demo-Christian Alliance of Albania”, for Municipality of Tirana 

4.      “Alliance for Democracy and Solidarity ” for Lushnje Municipality;

5.      “Right Wing Liberal Alliance” for the municipalities of Durrës, Fier, Kamëz, Lezhë, Lushnjë, Shkodër and Tiranë;

6.      “Together Movement”, for Tiranë Municipality;

7.      “The Party for Protection of Emigrants’ Rights”, for Lezhë Municipality;

8.      “Albanian Future”, for the municipalities of Durrës and Lezhë;

9.      “Christian Democrat Party of Albania”, for the municipality of Lezhë;

10.  “Albanian Republican Party”, for the municipalities of Berat, Durrës, Elbasan, Fier, Lezhë, Lushnjë, Shkodër, Tiranë, Vlorë, Kamëz and Korçë;

11.  “National Unity Party”, for the municipality of Lezhë;

12.  “ Democratic Creed Party”, for the municipality of  Elbasan;

13.   Mr. Lazjon Vangjel Petri, as a candidate proposed by voters  as member of municipal council, Korçë Municipality.  

In addition, the Commissioner decided not to register the candidates for municipal councils, Tirana Municipality, of the electoral subject  “Left Front ” as some of the names in the multi member lists are also part of another multi member list of an electoral subject. In addition, the multi member list does not meet the criteria of the gender quota and number of candidates in the list.

News2023 Local elections – Multi member lists for municipal council members approved for 12 electoral subjects